October’s Stand-up Round-up

October was more than just Halloween… 

October Roundup

Perfect Liars Club Tokyo

So maybe the highlight of October’s calendar wasn’t even a stand-up show… which is embarrassing to say, but the month really got off to a great start with the Toyko debut of the Washington DC hit show Perfect Liars Club. Led by story-teller and occasional comedian Layla McKay, 4 stories were told, plenty of laughter had, and then a brutal interrogation ensued from the audience to find out who the liar it was. (it was Tokyo Comedy Store’s Chris Wells…) Test out your own skills on the first Thursday of every month down at Goodheavens! Tickets can be reserved here.

Perfect Liars Club Tokyo

Photo by Alan Benzie

Good Heavens Comedy Club

We’re going from strength to strength, with hot crowds coming down each week. Danette Rodriguez joined us for two killer sets, as did our brother from another mother, Tony Romani from Osaka’s ROR Comedy group. Australian visitor Joseph Lam @josephslam captured a nice moment too below – Jon Sabay on stage, no doubt freestylin’ as only Jon Sabay can:

Jon Sabay Goodheavens Comedy Club

Photo by Joseph Lamb

Stand-Up Tokyo X Royal Jelly!

Mixing up the normal formula at the end of the month was a special night put together by Stand-Up Tokyo regular C-Dogg and local indie rockers Entrada, that crossed the boundary between comedy and music. 3 bands, 5 comedians and a hot crowd on a fun Sunday night. Look up for more smash-ups soon.

Okomediyaki: Live Japanese Comedy

Our show was lucky enough to have the debut of Ruben VM’S new song “The Unofficial Song for Tokyo 2020” and with a tune catchier than the title, it went down a storm. If you missed it, he’ll be headlining our first Wednesday show of the month!


Special Mention Goes to Shark Party

The first video from Shark Party… again not strictly from Stand-Up Tokyo, but enough of our guys and girls are involved in the making of the quality skit that it deserves a mention. Once you’ve watched “Honest Laptop Shopping”, you won’t be able to hold back a smile the next time you go into a Tokyo coffee shop and are met by a wall of MacAirs.

As you can see, October was a hectic month, and we’ve got even more coming up in November, including our International Headliner, so check out out November Line up here!

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